Eijkelkamp Soil & Water and its distributors have implemented Diver water level loggers in groundwater monitoring related projects all over the world.

The project references will give you insight in the backgrounds of the projects, what was customer’s need and why was the Diver water level logger the best solution? The projects will show you the numerous applications and divers circumstances where the Diver water level loggers (had to) perform.


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Project: Digital Groundwater Monitoring Network Doetinchem

  • Doetinchem council wanted to digitally manage the existing groundwater measuring network
  • 47 measurement locations were set up and equipped with Diver water level loggers and e-SENSE monitoring well modems
  • “Eijkelkamp Soil & Water has listened to our wishes and translated these beautifully into the design plan.’’

Digital groundwater monitoring network - The Netherlands

Project: Baltic bog project Poland

  • Restore and conserve the uncommon bogs in the northern part of Poland to prevent further degradation
  • Over 250 Mini-Diver water level loggers and a large number of e+ WATER L instruments have been used
  • It is to be expected that more Diver water level loggers will be used during this project

Baltic bog project - Poland

Project: Monitoring groundwater on Cyprus

  • Cyprus battles the subterranean penetration of salt water and long periods of drought which cause water shortages
  • The Geological Survey Department uses Cera-Diver water level loggers in combination with e-SENSE to monitor the Cypriot groundwater
  • Diver water level loggers give insight into the management of water sources and other complex natural processes
  • Every day the data is delivered online to Geological Survey Department

Monitoring groundwater - Cyprus

Project: WINNET groundwater monitoring network – The Netherlands

  • The Utrecht local authorities sought a company that could install and manage a groundwater monitoring network
  • More than 200 Diver water level logger survey points have been installed that Eijkelkamp Soil & Water will manage
  • "Eijkelkamp, as one of the tender companies, scored the highest points in practically all areas.’’ 
  • "I am extremely satisfied with Eijkelkamp, the work is done in an extremely disciplined way and according to plan.’’

WINNET - The Netherlands

Project: Salinisation Project - Spain

  • The nature reserve area near Sebes has seen a high death rate amongst certain floodplain forest plants
  • CTD-Diver water level loggers are used to obtain insight into the relation between salt concentration and water level
  • Ultimately a floodplain forest management plan will be drawn up

Flix project - Spain

Project: Regional groundwater monitoring network – The Netherlands

  • Platform Water Vallei en Eem wanted a monitoring network for the preventing structural groundwater problems
  • "Five parties remained in the end who could submit a tender for the functional design. Eijkelkamp Soil & Water scored the highest.’’
  • Eijkelkamp establishes 571 Diver water level logger survey points and maintain them for the next ten years
  • "Technology is developing at an incredible speed. We have left the technical details to the experts of Eijkelkamp.’’

Platform Water Vallei en Eem - The Netherlands

Project: Dry feet thanks to Divers in an extraordinary European tunnel project

  • 'By draining the water, we make sure everyone will keep his feet dry in the construction pit.'
  • 'Diver® water level loggers help us to gain insight into the groundwater levels.'
  • This project improves the accessibility of Maastricht, a city in the south of the Netherlands with nearly 125,000 inhabitants.

Avenue 2 - The Netherlands