Diver-MateStraightforward data collection

  • Fast and reliable download of Diver water level logger data
  • Stores data of thousands of Diver water level loggers
  • 10 days of operational use on 1 battery charge


Diver-Mate Info



Diver products are brought to you by

Eijkelkamp Soil & Water
The Netherlands
T + 31 313 880200
I www.eijkelkamp.com

In North America Divers are brought to you by

Eijkelkamp North America
T 800-603-5708
T 919-694-1114

In United Kingdom and Ireland Divers are brought to you by

Eijkelkamp Fraste UK
Kim Smith
T +44 (0)1527 559469
I www.efrigs.co.uk

Marton Geotechnical Services Ltd
Richard Houghton
T +44 1359 271167

Features and benefits

  • Fits well in palm of your hand: Convenient use at the well, lower risk of dropping when wearing gloves.
  • 16 GB memory card included: Sufficient storage space for large monitoring networks.
  • Built-in battery, rechargeable through USB-C: easy charge anywhere.
  • Equipped with 6 multicolor LEDs: status update on all components and functions - Diver, cable, memory, battery, USB, Bluetooth.
  • Equipped with motion detector: gives status update when picked up.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth radio: wireless connection to smartphone*
  • Works seamlessly with new Diver-App**: Download Diver data to your smartphone, upload data to ftp-server or send by email, assess well status.
  • Equipped with USB-C connector: Compatible with the latest USB technology and USB devices.
* Smartphones with Android Operating System. iOS implementation scheduled for later 2021.
** Diver-App expected early 2021.