Diver-SDIThe SDI-12 interface for Diver water level loggers

  • Specially engineered to integrate Diver water level loggers into any SDI-12 compatible telemetry system
  • Real-time data of Diver water level loggers




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The Diver-SDI integrates Divers with SDI-12 remote monitoring systems. A typical SDI-12 system is depicted in the figure below. On one end the Diver-SDI is connected to the SDI-12 system through the 3-wire SDI-12 bus which also include the power supply of 12 Volt. On the other end a Diver cable (AS2xxx) is attached to connect the Diver-SDI to a Diver. Diver cables up to a length of 500 meter (1,640 ft) can be used with the Diver-SDI.


  • No need for additional sensors to measure air temperature and atmospheric pressure.
  • No need for post-processing the pressure data.
  • Accurate water levels when water density varies due to salt content.
  • No internal battery is required. The compact Diver-SDI can be mounted inside the well casing for long-term, uninterrupted use.


  • The Diver-SDI has a built-in pressure and temperature sensor for measuring real-time air temperature and atmospheric pressure.
  • Automatic barometric compensation of the Diver pressure readings.
  • Dynamic density compensation for accurate water levels in saline conditions when used in combination with the CTD-Diver.
  • External power supply through SDI-12 system.


  • Real-time monitoring of municipal water supplies
  • Saltwater intrusion monitoring
  • Monitoring water quality and quantity at mine sites
  • Monitoring water level and salinity of reclaimed water
  • Groundwater monitoring networks